My Eyeballs Are Bleeding

Way too many hours staring at the computer screen the last couple of days. The end is in sight, but not quite here yet. What have I been doing, you ask (or I pretend you ask)? Well, I am working on getting all the Stenzskull artwork on my site. And I’m doing that in between posting things on etsy, checking out flickr and ordering goodies from The good news is that I am very close to being done with the Stenzskull update. Against my better judgement I have been uploading things sporadically, as opposed to making one big upload with all the new artwork at once. I’ve never been a fan of having “coming soon” items on my site, but this time around I’ve decided to not be such a nazi bitch about it.

In San Luis Obispo art news 1/2 tones is back in town. Welcome back, homeslice! For those of you that don’t know 1/2 tones here is one of his deer paintings.

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