New Obey Giant Book!

Awesome! The new Shepard Fairey book “E Pluribus Venom” is finally available! I was lucky enough to get a couple first edition copies for the gallery. Come on in to check it out in person and if you’re in some other part of the world you can always order it from my online shop.

(click photo to see a couple of sample pages from the book)

I’ve learned some stuff about books since I started selling them a couple of years ago. 100% of the books I sell are printed in China. Not 99% of them. 100%. That’s every single book I sell. This, of course, keeps the cost down for the publishers, which is great. The unfortunate trade off is that they never know exactly when new shipments of books are coming in. So, if something is in stock you have to grab it as fast as you can because it could be six months to a year before you can get it again. And a lot of these art books don’t go into multiple printings, so then you’ve really missed out. Then you’re stuck paying a super inflated price on ebay. And nobody wants to do that.

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