The Envelope Art Project

Awhile back I started this “Envelope Art Project” in which people would decorate an envelope and mail it to me. Every single one I received was featured on my website at the time. I eventually accumulated about 70 before I called it quits.

I’ve decided to start it up again. I set up a dedicated “photo set” on my flickr page to showcase the submitted envelopes.

You can send your artistically enhanced envelope to:

The Jeff Claassen Gallery
1118 Morro St
San Luis Obispo CA 93401

or to

Jeff Claassen
PO BOX 14157
San Luis Obispo CA 93406

If you would like to send more than one please do so. And feel free to include a website if you’d like me to add a link when I post your envelope. Also, for your envelope to be included it MUST be mailed. Do not drop off artwork at the gallery.

Thanks all! I’m anxious to see your envelopes.

Here are a couple examples for you to check out.

The Envelope Art Project #14

The Envelope Art Project #26

To see more please visit the flickr envelope set that I set up.

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