Hey, this is my 100th post.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to fill out my survey. Your feedback has been very helpful. Interesting too. I could analyze it for hours. I should be an economist or psychologist, but I think I’ll stick to drawing little pictures. If you did not answer the survey, don’t worry, it’s not too late. Just click here. The link will open in a new window/tab.

In other news, “Authorized Graff Zone” #6 is well done. Like a fat juicy steak.

click photo or here for a larger picture to see all the yummy delicious details.

With the ending of one board comes the beginning of a new freshy. This is the first time I’ve painted the board first as opposed to leaving the raw wood. So, here’s the virgin broad. I mean board.


And here is the end of day two.


If you’re in or around SLO come on it and add your contribution. Also, a few new envelopes have been added to the “Envelope Art Project”. Check them out here. If you want to be featured on my Flick page feel free to send your own artistically enhanced envelope to:

The Claassen Gallery
1118 Morro St
San Luis Obispo CA 93401

Sadly, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the project, so I am only showcasing the front sides of the envelopes. It sounds lazy, I know. “Oh, I’m just so busy I can’t take the time to flip the envelope over and take another photo.” But hey, it’s more work then it looks like. So, grab an envelope and go nuts! I’m anxious to see what you send in.

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