Titillating Gallery Shots And The Love Of My Life

I just posted a bunch of “installation shots” from the Lovesick show on my Flickr page. For those of you pressed for time or possess a hatred for having to navigate away from the current page or are just too plain lazy to click on that link I have hand picked (or shall I say mouse clicked) a few shots that I think best represent the exhibit.

Lovesick - installation shot
This is the main wall where I have over forty pieces on display.

Lovesick - installation shot
This is one of the guest artists walls. This particular wall features Stenzskull, Aaron Kraten, and Nic Rodriguez.

Lovesick - installation shot
This is the other guest artists wall featuring Neal Breton and Kendra Binney.

Lovesick - opening reception
Here are some peeps checking out the show. Thank God people showed up, which kept me from feeling like a loser on suicide watch.

Lovesick - installation shot
And this is what you see when you enter the front door of Alpha Cult.

There are some more detailed photos if you dare to venture on over to, once again, my flickr page. Unfortunately, I never got any of those arm in arm big smiling gang throwing glamour shots with any of the patrons, guest artists, or gallery owners. That’s sad for me. What’s not sad for me, however, is that I’ve been eating Candy Cane Joe Joe’s all night!

Candy Cane Joe Joe's

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