Product Review: Sakura Solid Marker

Sakura Solid Markers, aka: streakers

Sakura Solid Markers are back in stock! We have eight colors to choose from and they are already going fast. The colors are black, white, blue, red, green, orange, fluorescent pink and purple.

The Sakura Solid Marker is a waterproof fade resistant permanent marker that will write on almost any surface including metal, masonry, rubber, wood, plastic and concrete, etc.

I thought it would be fun to test this out on a couple surfaces so here we go!

Sakura Solid Marker Sample - on wood
on wood

Sakura Solid Marker Sample - on cardboard
on cardboard

Sakura Solid Marker Sample - on glass
on glass

Well, I’m impressed! It might take a little getting used to the first time you try it out. It’s basically solidified paint which gives it a waxy texture. I guess I’d describe it as “slippery” or “slick”, but that’s a good thing. It goes on nice and smooth. As you can see from the photos the line it creates looks like a crayon, so it’s not a solid line like when you use an ink marker, but it’s a cool look. Also, it dries pretty fast and once it has dried it is incredibly hard to remove.

These are available for $4.50 each. For now they are only available in the retail shop. We’ll try to get them on the online shop soon.


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