Surrounded By Women, The Update, Part I

Surrounded By Women

I painted this around 1999-2000. I never signed and dated it, but if I had to guess that is what I would come up with. At the time I was really into Keith Haring, obviously. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to “update” the painting for awhile now and have finally gotten around to it. Back then I had a different process for making things. You may not be able to tell in the photo, but up close and in person you can see some typical amateur techniques. For one, I hated painting multiple coats because I thought it was a waste of time. Sometimes, yes, non-solid blocks of colors are nice. I appreciate brushstrokes, but when done wrong it just looks lazy. For two, I painted all the black lines first. Then when I filled in the color I was done. This is bad because it doesn’t leave a crisp black line. You can see the color going over the black and on this piece it should be the other way around. These days I would paint the black loose and fast and not spend much time making it a solid line. Then I’d fill in the color . After that I’d go over the black and make it nice and pretty. Anyway, here is the first photo of the update.

Surrounded By Women, updated, in progress 01

I wanted to tone down the bright colors, so I’m going with some lighter pastel colors. Still a long ways to go. Which brings us to the second photo of the update.

Surrounded By Women, updated, in progress 02

Slowly covering up the bright colors of the original and added some spray paint elements like drips and stencil work. I like how the update is coming along. I’ve painted over quite a few paintings in the past, but this is the first time I’ve repainted one. It’s been fun. By the end it will be an interesting mix of my new layering process and my old style line work.

As I make progress I’ll be posting more photos, so check back.

Bye for now.

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