Toes Seeking Independence!

Who knows why a specific desire overcomes us? I don’t. What I do know, however, is that for quite some time now I have wanted some new socks. Not the regular run of the mill white socks with the gray toes from Costco that my feet are so accostomed to. No, no, no, not by a long shot. For months now my toes have been begging to be separated. They are no longer content snuggling side by side, sardine style, like soldiers on a submarine. My toes, my precious little phalanges of the feet, crave independence. And so it goes, I could take it no longer. I walked into The Sock Drawer* and I bought me some toe socks.

Happy Toes

And we couldn’t be happier. Me and my toes, that is. Or, my toes and I, for you Grammar Nazi’s. Seriously, who wouldn’t be happy in black and orange toe socks with skulls on them?

* At the time of posting this blog The Sock Drawer site was down, so the above link takes you to their Facebook Fan Page. To get to their official site, try

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