After Much Debate I Won Myself Over

Six Montana Hardcore Cans

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I started selling spray paint online. For now I can’t quite justify offering one can at a time. For one, the shipping wouldn’t be worth it and for two I would get really confused on keeping up with the inventory for in store sales as well as online. My solution: Paint Packs!

This is the first pack I have available and I think it’s a good one. I love these colors and one could do a lot with this particular combination. The blue and green look awesome together as do the black and chrome. Grey and red is also pretty nice together. You can come up with a lot of options using these six colors.

For now these Paint Packs will be available in my Ebay Store. This coming week I’ll try to come up with a couple of other packs.

For more info or to purchase the pack pictured above please click here.

Thanks for looking!

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