As It Turns Out My Living Room Is Actually A Bike Shop

living room bike shop

At the present moment my living room doubles as a bike workshop. That poor old IKEA rug has seen better days. I finally reached my breaking point. I bought new tires. It’s true, the old back tire was so worn down it would make Lance Armstrong throw up a handle bar. I figured if I am going through all the trouble of changing the tires I might as well just go for the entire overhaul. Although I loved the paint job that came on this bike the time has come to make it my own. I have yet to decide what colors, but seeing as how I have access to this

MTN Colors

I’m not too worried about a lack of color options to choose from. It’s now too late to paint, but tomorrow I plan on spraying to my heart’s content. Or at least until the bike is totally covered. Stay tuned.

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