New Collaboration Coffee Table With Aaron Gomez

Aaron Gomez and Jeff Claassen Collaboration Coffee Table
Handmade, awesomely unique and totally one of a kind.

Collaboration With Aaron Gomez

Ipe wood and FSC certified ply handmade table with original painting and epoxy resin finish. Total production, 30 hours.

Aaron Gomez has been creating masterful woodwork furniture for more than 12 years. He uses FSC certified sustainably produced wood, promoting reforestation projects wherein for every tree harvested, another is planted and grown to maturity. No old-growth trees are used in this process. This table is made from Ipe, a beautiful deep-grain patterned high density wood of the iron wood family. Very strong but also very difficult to manipulate and work by hand. Aaron produced this table over a period of more than 20 hours.

Jeff Claassen has been painting professionally for 12 years. His painting process includes: spray paint, acrylic paints and india ink on wood; under an epoxy resin coating, for a protective, glass-like finish. Jeff produced this painting directly on Aaron Gomez’s finished tabletop over a period of ten hours.

Collaboration With Aaron Gomez

Collaboration With Aaron Gomez

Handpainted Table

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