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Don’t Stab Yourself With These

It’s been a couple of years since I came out with a new button pack. To make up for lost time I decided to release two new packs. Both packs feature paintings from my ongoing “cookbook” series.

Button Pack - The Cookbook Series, Set 1

Button Pack - The Cookbook Series, Set 2

These packs are $5 each and are available in my gallery or online in my etsy shop.

Three New Paintings And Geeking Out Time

Hello Friend
for order info visit

Mesmerize Me
for order info visit

Happy On The Inside
for order info visit

FREE Krink Stickers!

flyer for free krink sticker promo

Come get your KRINK on!

Here is a list of what we currenly have in stock for KRINK:

K-71 Marker – black, silver, cyan, magenta, bleed thru red (we only have 2 silvers in stock and the bleed thru red is actually very dark)

Krink K-60 Squeeze Marker
K-60 Squeeze Marker – black, silver, orange, white, metallic green, metallic blue

Krink Mops - May 19, 2010
Mops – only available in black

The Gallery will be open from 12-6pm during this promotion.

New Graffiti Stool

authorized graffiti stool

I’ve had “graffiti boards” in the gallery for a couple of years now and thought it would be fun to switch it up a little. There is now an “authorized graffiti stool” to artistically enhance. Come on in and tag it up! Stickers are also encouraged.

The Claassen Gallery
785 Marsh St
Suite B
San Luis Obispo CA 93401

Late Night Resin Session

late night resin session

Just finished resin coating this about an hour ago. It should be ready to hang on the gallery walls in a day or two.

Sitting in Black Horse Coffee Shop

iPad doodle

Rode bikes with @cerezasytigres to Black Horse, where she treated me to a yummy drink I had never had before. While sipping (well, let’s be honest, gulping) my delicious drink I made the above image using SketchBook Pro on the iPad. It’s an amazing program and I recommend it to all.

Check out the Flickr group to see what other people are doing with SketchBook Pro. Some of the stuff is truly amazing.



This is the third tattoo I know of with my artwork. It’s very exciting to know there are fans that like my work enough to get it permanently added to their body. Thanks for the support, Laura!

Gallery Walkthrough – June 12, 2010

A Little Ride Through SLO Town

The other night I duct taped this

Flip Video Ultra

to my handlebars and rode around downtown. Enjoy!

New Phone Case Commission

Handpainted Cell Phone Case

Finished a new cell phone case yesterday! This is Kelly and she a very happy art collector. Here’s a close up of the phone.

Handpainted Cell Phone Case

If you’re interested in having me paint your phone case the cost is $65 and I can only paint the hard plastic cases. The soft rubber type ones just don’t work out for me.

Sketchbook Doodle

random sketchbook

Sometimes people ask me to “hit up” their sketchbook. I usually oblige and here is the latest one. It’s a quick india ink with a paintbrush piece. Is it a “drawing” because I used ink or a “painting” because I used a brush? I don’t know, but referring to it as a “piece” seems to work just fine.

My New Best Friend

my new best friend

I couldn’t help myself. After several visits to the local Apple store spending mass amounts of time playing on the iPad I finally broke down.

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