Flashback Friday

This week we’re taking a look at Sketchbook #4, which is my book from August 1998 – April 1999. Out of all the sketchbooks I’ve accumulated over the years this is probably my second favorite one. I say that because I probably spent the most time on it. Flipping through it just now I saw plenty of pages that probably took a couple of hours each to complete. There is a good chance, too, that it’s also the most colorful. For this post I decided to show five pages that are all somewhat different in style.

sketchbook #4 - august 1998 - april 1999

I’m not sure if this guy is waving his finger to say, “No more drinks for me, good sir.” Or, “Pour me one more!” Either way, I’m pretty stoked about him having orange donuts around his neck. If you’d like to comment on the misproportion of the hand on the right to the head above it feel free.

sketchbook #4 - august 1998 - april 1999

I’m not exactly sure what is happening here, but there is definitely a pair of breasts in there.

sketchbook #4 - august 1998 - april 1999

The source for this was a photo of Jackson Pollack, but I only used the portion from the neck down and made up my own face and hair. A lot of time was just wasted trying to find the photo on the internet, but my efforts were fruitless. If I was at home right now I could scan the photo out of the book. Oh well. I think we’ll all survive without seeing the original photo.

sketchbook #4 - august 1998 - april 1999

No, I did not draw this from life. Years ago a friend of mine suggested I buy a Burne Hogarth book and copy all the drawings in it. So, I did. Well, I bought the book and copied a couple of drawings. Anyway, if you want to improve your skills I suggest you give that a try. If you decide to give it a try please purchase it through my affiliate link. Thanks!

sketchbook #4 - august 1998 - april 1999

Look! There’s that sideways eye thing I told you about.

Well, that concludes this week’s Flashback Friday.
I hope you enjoyed it!
– Jeff

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  1. cerezasYtigres says:

    “No, I did draw this from life.”