Signing Books Makes Me Feel Like A Rockstar

Back in July I released a little art book called “A Brief Interlude”. Only 100 copies were printed, which were all signed and numbered. The night of the release party I signed books and did drawings for people on the back cover. Sadly, I don’t think I took any photos of those drawings. Last week I sold a couple of books and asked the buyers if they wanted a drawing in the back, which they said yes too, and I was smart enough to take photos.

A Brief Interlude #75

A Brief Interlude #88

Out of the 100 books I started out with I am now down to about 25. If you’d like to order one before they sell out please do so. They are available in my etsy shop and are $12 each.

Brief Interlude - book release party
(photos by Richard Fusillo.)

Thanks for looking!
- Jeff

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