Blob Update: Less Tadpole, More Human

our little monster

We got to hang out with our little angel today. Of course, he/she has no idea we were watching it twist and turn and punch, but we were stoked on our little hang out session. Aw, look at that profile! Isn’t it a cute little blob? Yes, I’m biased. So what? You know, it looks a lot less like a tadpole and much more like a human now. I might have to stop calling it “blob”. It’s a good thing we don’t own one of those ultrasound machines. It would be hard to not watch it move around all day. Not to mention all the other fun stuff to ultrasound. I’d love to take a look at Pascal’s insides.


One Response to “Blob Update: Less Tadpole, More Human“

  1. I love that it has a teensy pot belly. It likes to be matchy matchy with me. <3