$100 And Under: Installation

Luckily, I took photos of the installation before the mob hit on opening night. For this show we have gone the “cash and carry” route as opposed to the typical red dot on sold pieces that collectors have to come back for when the show ends. We’ve sold about 30 pieces since the opening so there are a lot of gaps on the walls now. Here is the show before pieces started flying off the walls.

Seven pieces in this cluster are now gone. The mastermind behind MNKR is kicking ass.

The super awesome “Look” and “Listen” screenprints by Dr. Cain are gone, but we do have a couple more available unframed.

I haven’t counted how many pieces are in this show yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s over 100. There is certainly a lot to look at and I, unfortunately, won’t have the time to get all of the work online, so if you see something you’re interested in from the above photos let me know. You can call the gallery at 805.541.3932.

Thanks for looking!
- Jeff

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