Things I Love Thursday: Puberty

No names have been changed to protect anybody’s identity in the following story.

The Players:
James, 11 year old boy
Evelyn, 9 year old girl
Jeff, the adult (he’s older than you think, but looks like a guy slightly above the legal drinking age. At least that’s what he’s been told and he finds no reason to dispute the claim.)

The following conversation took place while driving from school to work on a cloudy afternoon.

James: Is puberty a bad word?”
Jeff: Nope. Not at all.
Evelyn: Gross!
Jeff: Why gross? It’s just part of growing up.
James: Yeah, Evy.
Evelyn: It’s gross because that’s when hair grows on your peepee.
Jeff: Well yeah, but everybody has to go through it.
Evelyn: I don’t want puberty to happen to me. I just want boobs. I don’t want the other thing.

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One Response to “Things I Love Thursday: Puberty“

  1. That laugh made my day. Thank you!