Nature Controls All: SYDWOX, A True Master Of The Spray Can

This is going to be a long, photo heavy post to show you all the SYDWOX work featured in this show. I’ve decided to break it down into three sections. The freehand spray paint paintings, the stencil paintings and a couple of bonus paintings.


SYDWOX is bringing some serious skill to the table, people. I urge you to try painting a stick figure using spray paint just to see how hard it is to keep a clean consistent line. Trust me, it will skyrocket the amount of respect you have for any artist that demonstrates this level of skill with a spray can.

36″ x 60″ – spray paint on wood

The shading in “Re-Entry” is beyond impressive. I can hardly make a straight line with spray paint. When we were hanging this show SYDWOX confessed that he used himself as the model for this painting. We all laughed at how funny it would be to see this process. You know, a grown man setting up his camera and tripod, clicking the timer on and running to curl up into a ball on the floor totally naked. Ah, the things some do for their art. My hat’s off to you, Mr. SYDWOX!

48″ x 96″ – spray paint on wood

“Reaching For Heaven”
48″ x 96″
Check out “the making of” for this painting.


SYDWOX is not your typical stencil artist. He’s bringing something new to the game that makes his stencil work stand out from the crowd of all other stencil artists I’ve seen. Taking full advantage of his spray can shading technique he’s able to add depth to his stencils where others leave the image flat. In some pieces he’ll also toss in a dash of traditional painting using acrylic and a brush.

“The Darkest Hour”
48″ x 48″ – spray paint on wood

“Eternal Presence”
18″ x 48″ – spray paint on wood

“Orion’s Eye”
30″ x 30″ – spray paint on wood

“Sidewalk’s Impact”
30″ x 30″

“Over Creation”
18″ x 48″ – acrylic and spray paint on wood

“Free Your Mind”
36″ x 36″ – spray paint on wood

“A Police State Of Mind”
30″ x 48″ – spray paint on wood

“Butterfly Bullet”
30″ x 48″ – spray paint on wood


These two are in their own section because they work as a pair.

20″ x 78″ – spray paint on wood

28″ x 78″ – acrylic on wood

If you can’t figure out why these two make a pair I’ll let you in on the ironic joke. One says “organic” using mechanical, or technological, images/icons. The other painting, upon close inspection and deciphering, spells out the word “mechanics” in a tangle of twisted roots.

There are a couple of other SYDWOX pieces in the show, but you’ll have to come into the gallery to see them in person.

If you’d like to purchase any of these paintings please call the gallery 805.541.3932 and leave a message with your contact info. Or come by the gallery Tue-Sat 12-6pm.

We will stay open until 9pm this Friday for “Art After Dark”.

Hope to see you soon!
– Jeff

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