Our Baby In About A Year

I’ve noticed over the last few months a lot of the conversations I have with myself, and sometimes with others (“others” being Coral and the kids), involve me tossing in the fact that “a year from now we’ll have a ___ month old baby.” This afternoon was no different except that with our due date right around the corner I said, “a year from now we’ll have a baby that is almost a year old.”
Evy responded to my obvious observation with, “can we take it to Disneyland for it’s birthday?”
“No way. That kid won’t know the difference between Disneyland and a bathroom.”

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2 Responses to “Our Baby In About A Year“

  1. n says:

    seriously tho…dontcha think Evy just wants any old excuse to go to Dland?

  2. jeff says:

    haha…of course that’s what she wants! i’m not sure who she thinks she’s fooling, but it’s certainly not us.