Hipstamatic Contest! Please Vote!

Hey Guys & Dolls!

As you know I’ve been obsessed with iPhone photos as of late and it’s a trend I don’t see giving up anytime soon. One of the apps I’ve been using is Hipstamatic and I found out they host photo contests for people using their app, so I thought I’d give it a try. The theme this month is “Portraits And Accessories”. I went with the “accessories” route and submitted this photo of my bike, which happens to be one of my most favorite accessories. I aptly titled it “The Only Accessory I Put Between My Legs”.

To vote please visit this page (and scroll to the bottom). You’ll be given the option to “tweet” your vote on twitter or “like” the photo on Facebook.

Voting is only good for five days, so please do it soon. Also, this is totally just for fun. I’m not trying to further my iphoneography career or anything like that. Do people even make careers out of taking pictures with their iPhone? Probably.

Thanks for voting!
- Jeff

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