Ask Jeff: Where Do You Buy Screen Print Stuff

I got a message this morning from my friend, Kyle.

And it went a little something like this:

Hey Jeff, Whats up?

It’s t-shirt making season for me and I have a few questions. Where do you buy your chemicals, screens and inks from? Do you use or have used speedball ink, the kind you bake on with an iron?

Thanks a ton

And my response went a little something like this:

Hey Kyle!

You can get everything you need from McLogan’s.

They cater to more industrial type printing than what you’ll find in an art store or craft shop. So, you can get better quality screens, ink, emulsion and squeegees and all that. You’ll probably want a water based ink because it’s easier to clean. Unfortunately, water based ink doesn’t work well on dark garments and I love black shirts, so that was a problem for me when I started printing shirts. The solution is plastisol ink, but then you need a flash dryer or conveyor belt dryer which is going to set you back a couple hundred for the flash or several hundred for the conveyor. If you get really into printing shirts you should look into that. With plastisol you can print on dark stuff and it’s pretty vibrant. You need the flash dryer because the ink won’t dry unless you heat it to a certain temperature.

Anyway, when I first started I used speedball too. It’s not bad and is a great stepping stone into the world of screen printing. I actually bought a heat gun to dry the ink because I thought using the iron was a pain in the ass. If I remember correctly you have to put a paper towel over the ink then iron over that.

Well, that’s a lot of info. I hope it helps. When you print some stuff post some photos online…I’d love to check it out.

See ya,

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