Projects In The Works: October 5, 2011

Little bunny painting. He needs eyes and then I have some work on the background to do.
Addendum January 18, 2012: Bunny is now FINISHED!

Welding helmet commission I’m working on. It’s very close to being done. If I don’t have too many diapers to change tonight I might even finish it before I go to bed.

A couple of 12″ square paintings. Still have a long ways to go at this point, but I had to start something while waiting for ink on the helmet to dry.

These long skinny canvases have been laying around for awhile. Coral bought them and never used them so I decided to put them to use. As you know, I wouldn’t normally paint on canvas.

That’s it for now. Let’s see how these progress over the next week. I’m trying to make Wednesday my “Works In Progress” day as a motivational tool to get more stuff done.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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