Things I Love Thursday: Haida Art

Killer Whale Drum by Alano Edzerza
“Killer Whale Drum”
by Alano Edzerza

Haida are the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. I don’t know much about them, but I do know that I am absolutely fascinated with their artwork. I’ve always been a sucker for bold lines and solid colors. And The Haida People are masters at it.

Wolf Drum by David Robert Boxley
“Wolf Drum”
by David Robert Boxley

Back in the summer of 2000 I embarked on a solo road trip from where in live on the Central Coast of California all the way to up Vancouver Canada. This was before I owned a digital camera. Somewhere I have a shoebox full of photos from that trip and in those photos I have some Haida Totem Poles that I came across. Back then I knew I liked the artwork, but I didn’t investigate to find out anything about it. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I actually learned the term “Haida” and ever since I’ve been scrolling through Flickr and Google Images trying to satiate my appetite for Pacific Northwest Art.

Haida art Under the Granville Bridge
Photo by Brian Dubois

Haida Art 1
Photo by Paul Turner

Eagle Dancer by Alano Edzerza
“Eagle Dancer”
by Alano Edzerza

I could easily post a lot more, but the discovery is part of the fun, so if you’d like to see more just check out the links on the post.

– Jeff


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