DIY’ers: Facebook About Page Revisited

motley crue

I just realized this idea (“Put Your Facebook About Page To Work”) is also for bands/musicians. I just looked at five “about” pages of people I know that are in a band and none of them have their band listed in the “work and education” section of their about page.

Being in a band takes a lot of dedication, so I would assume that a lot of people in a band would love for their band to be their full time job. I am pretty sure that most people that have put in the time to write songs, meet for practice, record albums and load heavy equipment in a van to go play a 20-30 minute show are pretty serious. In other words, it’s not just a weekend hobby for them. If this is you I suggest deleting all the non-musical work from your about page and list your band as your main job. Also, get all your bandmates to do the same.

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