Kickstarter Tuesday: Mixcard Postcard Mixtapes

kickstarter tuesday
(Alfred Megally, co-creater of the Mixcard)

I am totally and completely obsessed with Kickstarter! I’ve spent so much time on the site looking at so many different projects that I figured it would be wise to turn all the time I’ve spent there into content for my blog. In truth, now I can call my incessant browsing “research”. See, it’s now justified. With that said, I’d like to kick off my first “Kickstarter Tuesday” post.

Last night while cuddling up with the iPad and a late night peanut butter and jelly sandwich I came across one of those projects where I think, “Damn, wish I would have thought of that.”

I love this idea of mailing a digital mixtape. That alone, is cool enough, but with Mixcard you also get awesome art to stick on the fridge or hang on the wall. It’s smart. It’s fun. It’s clever. And I’m super stoked to see that the project is fully funded with 15 days to go. It’s always exciting to see projects get way over funded.

Huge congratulations to the creators of the project, Alfred Megally and Christopher Chin. Well done, guys!

For more info or to be a backer for this project visit:

See ya!
– Jeff


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