Kickstarter: The Puzzle Painting Is Fully Funded!

fully funded!

This weekend was very exciting because “The Puzzle Painting” reached it’s funding goal of $4k! Yes, I did a few cartwheels and squealed like a little girl at a Taylor Swift concert. Thanks to all of you that have backed this project and shared it with your friends.

The really cool thing about reaching this goal early is that we still have 17 days left to continue to raise money for the project, which is great because the whole idea was to make a HUGE painting. The more people that back the project the bigger the painting will be.

If you would like to support the project, but don’t want a piece of the puzzle there are some other fun things available like an exclusive bottle opener keychain, sticker packs, greeting cards and also an exclusive t-shirt design.

Check out The Puzzle Painting project at:

Please keep sharing the link on your social media outlets like twitter, google+, facebook, tumblr, etc.

Thanks again!
All of your support really means a lot to me!

– Jeff


One Response to “Kickstarter: The Puzzle Painting Is Fully Funded!“

  1. Richard Fusillo says:

    don’t have your #, i will text coral tomorrow but if you get this before hand!

    if you haven’t started yet i think it would be fun for me to document some of the process for fun, plus it would be a cool thing to shoot and blog about for me too!

    thoughts? yay, nay, i’m dumb, or i love you?