NFT Collection: Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money

There is a 250 character limit for the description on the page for this collection, so I made this post because I have a lot more to say than what a meager 250 character limit will allow.

The images in this collection were not created digitally. Each one was created as a one of a kind original art piece. All of these were made on wood panels of various sizes. I’ve used all sorts of media to make these: acrylic paint, spray paint, vinyl cut stickers, stencils, wood stain, and paper cut outs. The original pieces are all coated with a thick layer of epoxy resin. These images are now all available as 1/1 collectible NFT’s, which means only one of each will ever be minted to the blockchain.

I created this character back in 2004. After I drew it I thought, “this poor little girl looks like she got beat up.” There was something about her that also made me think she was a bit of a badass. Then came the title, “Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money.” Over the years I’ve used this character for numerous things. She’s been featured on buttons, stickers, keychains, hats, screen printed onto shirts, hoodies, and tote bags. She was even printed onto underwear at one point. Around 2019 I started to make new mixed media paintings with her. Some were as small as 5″ x 7″ and some were big 36″ squares. The smaller pieces were vinyl cut stickers over an abstract background and the bigger pieces were paper cut outs adhered to the wood panel the same way a street artist adheres their posters to a wall. Sometimes the paper wrinkles, other times you find a slight rip. Personally, I love this raw and gritty aspect of wheat pasting and it also makes each piece uniquely its own. I have not altered any of these images in Photoshop. I want the NFT’s to look just like their “in real life” counterparts. On close inspection you can still see these unique details. 


* To see the full “Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money” collection click here.

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