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Press: A Chit Chat With Anna Weltner About All This Fiasco Nonsense

Check out the article online or find one of the hundreds of New Times stands scattered across the county.

Thanks, Y’all!
– Jeff

Viewer Discretion

cool...i showed up in the new times "viewer discretion" a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago when I was painting one of the city’s electrical boxes New Times photographer Steve E. Miller caught me in action.

Painting outside wearing big headphones and standing on a milk crate. Fun stuff!
– Jeff

Thanks Downtown SLO

thanks, slo downtown association

Stoked to see the painting I made for Batch was at the top of the Downtown Association email yesterday.

Things I Love Thursday: The New Times Best Of SLO Readers Poll 2011

Thanks SLO County for voting me “best local artist” two years in a row!
I love you all!

Press: New Times SLO, March 2011

Stoked on this write up for the upcoming show!

Thanks, New Times!
– Jeff

Press: Interview on F-Stop This

photo by Richard Fusillo

A couple of my photography friends just started a new blog and chose to do a little feature on me and the shop.
Check out the interview. I say all kinds of super amazing poignant things like “all kids draw” and “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Hey, I can’t help being a well spoken super genius.

– Jeff

Press: A Shoutout In SLOcomotion

A BIG thanks to Amber for doing a feature on me for her blog. She’s been one busy girl writing a lot about SLO Town. Check her out at SLOcomotion.

A Story In Pictures

Picture Story by Dylan Gordon

Last week I was a guinea pig. Photographer, Dylan Gordon, chose to document me for a day to complete his “Picture Story” project. He’s currently a student at Brooks Institute and in my opinion is kicking ass. He’s doing some really great work and it was super awesome hanging out all day talking about art, photography, music, and trying to look pretty for his camera. Keep your eye on this guy, he’s going places.

Visit to see the whole “Picture Story”.

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