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Jeff Claassen Collaboration With Vitruvian Surfboards And Pat Flecky For Ballet Theatre Auction

I was recently asked to collaborate on a surfboard for a Ballet Auction. Doing a hand painted original on the board wasn’t going to work out so Carol Paquet, friend and fellow artist, as well as the woman behind this fund raising event, fired up her super awesome printer and made a giclee print of my painting, “Taco“.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be involved in every step of the process. It would have been fun to see this project every step of the way, from the board getting shaped to Carol printing the artwork to applying the print to the board to the board getting glassed. All of that fun stuff. Although I wasn’t involved in every step it is very much an honor to have been invited to be a part of this project.

This surfboard was shaped by Pat Flecky for Vitruvian Surfboards.

The board is 8’1″ long, 22 5/8″ wide (at it’s widest point) and 2.5″ thick (at it’s most thick point, I believe).

Tickets for this event are available by contacting BT-SLO Assistant Director Blair London at 805.440.1439.

Also, if you are unable to attend and would like to bid on this board you might be able to. You’ll have to contact Paula Fryer at 805.704.7392 to set that up.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to do with the actual auction so if you have any questions at all please visit Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo.

If you want to check out the board in person before bidding you might be able to schedule an appointment at Cork Stop Studios, call 805.550.6399. I said “might”. In other words, I didn’t check with them before writing this, but give them a call and you might get lucky.

Thanks for looking!
- Jeff

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