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Custom Buttons: Dead Dollies

Nancy makes handmade dolls. They’re glow in the dark skeletons, so they’re pretty awesome. She saw the recent post about custom buttons and wanted some with her graphics to help promote Dead Dollies.

I’m stoked with how they came out, but more importantly, Nancy was super stoked. Check it!

Custom Buttons: Level Studios

buttons for level studios

I recently made 200 buttons for Level Studios. They came out pretty awesome. I had a little trouble because I’m still trying to figure out my new Epson 1400. You’d think you could just plug it in and you’d be set to go, but no. I’ll figure it out sooner or later. The quality is way better than my old printer, so that’s good.

If you need any buttons made hit me up, yo!

1″ round – 100 for $30
2.25″ round – 100 for $45

Have a great weekend!
- Jeff

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