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New Painting: Sleepers

5″ x 7″ – mixed media on wood, signed on back
$65, plus shipping
If you would like to purchase this painting please order online.

I’m still super into the white ink on dark colored backgrounds. Fun stuff.

Thanks for looking!
- Jeff

Claassen Gallery Will Be Open Tonight: August 30, 2012 For SLO’s Farmer’s Market

Hello All!

Here’s a peek at what is currently available in the gallery. I’ll be open tonight from 6-9pm during Downtown SLO’s Farmer’s Market.

MTN Spray Paint
We are down to 15 colors of paint. Here’s a breakdown for you.
MTN 94 – $6.50
- orchid pink
- tokyo pink
- magenta
- erika
- phoenix orange
- coffee brown
- fluorescent orange
- vespa green
- barcelona blue
- single pink (which is actually a shade of purple)

MTN Hardcore – $6.50
- intense red
- gold
- bronze

MTN Maximo, The Tall Cans – $9.00
- chrome

MTN Pocket Cans – $4.50
- chrome

Along with spray paint we also have various caps as well as markers and ink available.
Krink Squeeze Markers: Regular $10. On sale now for $7 each, available in:
- blue
- red
- green
- orange

We are down to one green Sakura Solid Marker, also known as a “streaker”, $4.50.
One Krink K-71 in red – $8.00.
One MTN 94 marker in yellow – $8.00.
One Jumbo Pilot in blue – $3.80.

All of these are on sale! There are a couple of used ones, which are on sale for $6 each. The few that have never been opened are $12 each. This included “Bomb It”, which retails at $27.

painting panels
If you haven’t started painting on wood, now is your chance! We have a lot of these super awesome high quality wood panels available right now.
4″ x 4″ – $4.00
6″ x 6″ – $5.00
5″ x 7″ – $5.00
8″ x 8″ – $8.00
8″ x 10″ – $9.00
12″ x 12″ – $15.00
11″ x 14″ – $18.00
14″ x 18″ – $25.00
16″ x 20″ – $28.00

Of all the sketchbooks I’ve tested and used over the years these have the best quality paper I’ve ever come across. For reals.

- 3.5″ x 5.5″ (pocket size) landscape – $10.00, on sale now for $7.00
- 5.5″ x 5.5″ – $13.00, on sale now for $10.00
- 5.5″ x 8.25″ landscape and portrait available – $15.00, on sale now for $12.00


These are all handmade and super cool.
$16.00 each.

All shirts are on sale for $10 each!

gallery wall

This wall is all original work. The “blockhead” pieces to the left of the big round painting normally sell for $40-$65. Tonight, they are all on sale for $20 each.

gallery wall

This corner is a mix of original paintings and limited edition prints on wood.

Well, that turned out to be a pretty informative “sneak peek”. I hope you can swing by tonight to say hi and pick up some goodies.

See you soon!
- Jeff

Flashback Friday

I know I know…Friday is almost over, but let me tell you, it’s been a busy day. I won’t get into the details because that’s a whole post of it’s own, but I will say this. It was good being busy. I had a great night.

For today we are going through Sketchbook #9, which I drew in from June 2002 – May 2003.

(page 3)

(page 4)

(page 12)

(page 13)

(page 20)

(page 23)

There you have it!
Now go have yourself a wonderful weekend.

- Jeff

Hittin Up The Sketchbooks

Here are a couple sketchbook doodles I’ve done over the past couple of weeks for people that came into the gallery and invited me to hit up their books.





This is the third tattoo I know of with my artwork. It’s very exciting to know there are fans that like my work enough to get it permanently added to their body. Thanks for the support, Laura!

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