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Live Work Love Episode 5: Originality Vs. Playing It Safe

In this episode Coral and I discuss Instagram, Facebook, and my extreme awkwardness in front of a camera. Coral also admits that she thought Instagram was strictly a photo editing app the first 10 months she was using it with no idea that people could see the photos she was posting. Hopefully, we say something that might leave you with an idea or two about your own social media/marketing efforts.

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Happy listening!
– Jeff

You Don’t Belong Here Anyway: A Photo Series By Coral

If you are not yet following my lovely lady on Instagram I suggest you start.

Where we live happens to have a huge deer population and I don’t mean Goliath size dinosaur deer. I mean “huge” as in there are A LOT of them. A few of months ago Coral started deer hunting. With a camera, not a gun. And I’ve got to tell you, they are a bold and brazen bunch. So much so that we caught one on our porch late one night and I know you might be sarcastically thinking, “Big deal!” I’d think that to if the deer just strolled through our front lawn to get to our porch, but no no no. To get to our porch means you have to climb 21 steps and make your way past a baby gate. Now, if you’re thinking, “must be a pain in the ass when you have to carry groceries from the car or take the trash out,” you are exactly right. But I digress…

as I often do because…who knows? Anyway, as I was saying…

A few months ago we decided to take a leisurely drive through the neighborhood just to find some deer and on our first outing we caught a baby deer, no bigger than a foot tall, walking across the street about 60 seconds from our house. Don’t get me wrong, deer are total pests and have literally eaten enough of Coral’s plants that she’d need to apply for a loan to replace them. I’m talking a lot of plants here, people. However, seeing the baby deer walk across the street was incredibly adorable. And, in a way, so out of place. It sparked an idea for Coral and she started documenting the deer we find. Coral came up with the “You don’t belong here anyway” series based on the contrast/contradiction of seeing the deer (nature) mixing in with the neighborhood (civilization).

Coral is much more eloquent with words, so I’m giving her the floor here:

We discovered that the entire west side of town abutted a vast hill country. The result of which is wildlife intersecting with civilization. Deer, rabbits, mountain lions, wild boars, skunks… For better or worse, the line between nature and neighborhood is indistinct and very blurry here. And though the deer particularly have been a nightmare for me as a gardener, I can’t help but be in awe of them- impressed with their bold resilience, and a bit confused by it too. I’ll be forgoing fashion for a bit to post a series of photos documenting the deer throughout my neighborhood; it’s called You Don’t Belong Here Anyway. I hope these photos and their title encourage you to consider whether it’s the deer, or the suburban sprawl that remains out of place, and I hope you enjoy!

– Coral

I couldn’t have said it better.

If you can please picture us in Safari outfits cruising around Paso Robles in a 1976 Scout, it would be much appreciated.

It’s not Coral’s first color choice, but as the driver on these urban hunts I get to choose the color of our vehicle.

Be sure to follow Coral on Instagram: @coralcoralglasses

– Jeff

You Will NEVER See This At An Art Show

If I attempted a stage dive at my next art opening it would simply be labeled “performance art”. There would be no viral pictures or videos of it because who wants to see some art nerd dude belly flop straight onto the floor.* I might get a few claps afterwards. Oh, and a broken front tooth.

*Actually, that could totally go viral on youtube. The clip would at least show up in one of those millions of “Fail Compilations”.

Instagram Favorites: Week Ending October 8, 2011

It’s kind of slim pickins on my Instagram favorites this week because I didn’t take as many photos as usual. Here we go!

cupcake boy


new blockhead

Just three this week. Hopefully, next week I can sneak out of the house for a bit and go on a little late night photo adventure.

See ya!
– Jeff

Instagram Favorites: Week Ending October 1, 2011

Instagram is an iPhone only app, so for those of you that can’t follow me using the actual app you can now see all my instagram activity at

Here are my favorites from the past week.

listening to music with elliott. he totally passed out.

MTN Spray Paint: the best in the world

i thought these were extinct.

big pipe

oodles of birds

sleepy time

Instagram Favorites: Week Ending September 17, 2011

shape up or ship out, mister!

oh my...i love when he yawns

kind of looks like a giant robot

dive in head first!

coral & elliott

Instagram Favorites: Week Ending September 3, 2011

morning hangout time with my son

i haven't gobbled a donut for months. i kind of miss them.

hoarder alert! why do i need 25 empty cans?

dang! lots of sticky things.

hank with the cutest little coffee ever

must end hoarding! now is as good a time as any to get rid of my aunt jemima soap dispenser.

elliott the bed hog

Check out all my iPhone photos!


Instagram Favorites: Week Ending July 24, 2011

I’ve recently become addicted to Instagram. It’s fun stuff. The last two weeks have seen me upload 37 photos. Here are my favorites from the past week.

– Jeff

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