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Gallery Newsletter: March 2011

Hello to you all!

As usual we’re keeping busy with oodles of projects. Most exciting, probably, is that a new group show opens this Friday, March 18, 2011. The title is “$100 And Under”. There will be 40 featured artists and a little over 100 art pieces. It is quite an eclectic mix of work including everything from painting and photography to handmade bags and sculpted masks.

The premise for the show is “art for the masses”. With all the art pieces priced at $100 and under there will be no need to break the bank just to get your hands on some great art that puts a smile on your face.

The opening reception will be on March 18, 2011 from 8-10pm.
Feel free to RSVP on our Event Page.

This show will only be on display for two weeks.

We hope to see you soon!

As always, thank you so much for the continued support.

- Jeff & Coral

The Claassen Gallery
785 Marsh St Suite B
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
hours: Tue-Sat 12-6pm

Gallery Newsletter: February 2011

For you regular readers out there this is old news so I apologize for being redundant. However, this is the gallery newsletter that just went out.

Hello Everybody!

Well, 2011 is in effect and February is in full swing. Valentine’s Day is in the near future and we have a few ideas for your special someone. But first, we’d like to announce a new addition to the gallery roster.


Yes, Coral and I are adding a little monster to our clan. The little angel will be entering the world mid July. Exciting time!

Valentine’s Day is also an exciting time. Here are few gift ideas we’d like to share.

The new Claassen Greeting Cards are sure to be a hit!

$2.50 each
Buy 5 or more and you get a deal…$2.00 each!

Going for the popular heart candy with cute slogans idea, here are some new V-Day inspired buttons, although, they do happen to be a bit more sassy than the traditional heart candies you are familiar with.

$1 each!

We also have a plethora of other fun goodies including LOTS of limited edition prints, original paintings, t-shirts, pocket mirrors, coaster sets, etc.

For the more hands on artsy inclined people on your Valentine’s list we recently received a big order of spray paint, so we currently have about 50 colors in stock in addition to an assortment of markers, spray caps, sketchbooks, and 50% of selected art books.

In other gallery news:
We will be closed on Saturday February 12, 2011. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hope to see you soon!

As always, thank you so much for the continued support!

- Jeff & Coral

The Claassen Gallery
785 Marsh St Suite B
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
hours: Tue-Sat 12-6pm
(closed this upcoming Saturday)

For more frequent up to date news and general shenanigans please check out (and subscribe, hint hint!) Jeff’s blog, , and the gallery Facebook Page.

Gallery Newsletter: October 2010

In case you have not yet subscribed to the gallery email list here is the newsletter that went out yesterday.

Pascal's Peeps - upcoming art show

Hello hello! It’s been a while since our last email and we have so much to share!

As many of you know, we are very busy bees prepping for the biggest group show we’ve ever held here in the Claassen Gallery. FORTY FIVE artists will descend upon us in only ten short days, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We’re rearranging the furniture and moving anything non-essential OUT just to make room! “Pascal’s Peeps” was inspired by our amazing gallery bunny, Pascal. Sick of playing with dust bunnies, he said it was high time he had some animal companionship in here. Ever obliging, we enlisted our favorite local artists to help out by contributing artwork with a contemporary animal theme; and boy, have they come through! Pieces for this show are just beginning to trickle in and we are blown away. The artists have taken our animal theme literally, liberally, and figuratively, and the results are better than anything we could have imagined. SLO, you are SO talented! This is going to be an incredible show and we can’t wait to see it all assembled and hung. Feel free to RSVP to this event online. Also, costumes are highly encouraged at the opening party.

As though that weren’t enough on our plates, we’ve decided to (at long last) implement an idea we’ve been toying with for years… the Blackbook Lounge! Sometimes it’s tough to squeeze artistic stimulation into our busy lives, but as creative people- it’s essential! The Blackbook Lounge is our answer to that. A designated time and place for like-minded people to come together in a welcoming, inspirational, and motivating atmosphere- for the sole purpose of making art and tapping into our own creativity.

Therefore, we are so pleased to announce the first ever Blackbook session in the Claassen Gallery this Friday, Oct. 15th from 7-9 pm.

Blackbook Lounge

Artists of all ages are welcome to join us. Bring your favorite sketchbook, a pocket-full of markers, pencils, pens, charcoal…. whatever gets you dirty! We’ll provide the music, friends, creative energy and inspirational environment. Pull up a chair, plop down on a bench, or set up shop on the floor- it’s all about having fun, hanging out and making art! We hope this event is a roaring success so we can make it a regular feature here in the shop. Hope to see you Friday!

In other news…

- “Swim With Me”, the newest addition to our happy little family. This is a limited-edition print on wood covered in a clear gloss epoxy resin. It’s an edition of 50 and measures 7.25″ x 7.25″.

Swim With Me

-There are only 25 copies of Jeff’s new book still available. This first-edition of “A Brief Interlude” is signed and numbered and makes a perfect addition to your Jeff Claassen collection or a fantastic gift for your favorite fan. Don’t miss out on this little lollipop of a book!

- Have you met Kelly? She’s our other new addition and Jeff’s super awesome wonderful flame-haired art assistant. Kelly’s been a tremendous help in the gallery. We love her. She’s the best. Come in to make her acquaintance on Thursdays and Saturdays. Give her the cutie eye.

(photo by Richard Fusillo)

What’s in stock…

- Dayler wallets. Freshly made in-house!
- MNKR tees! Locally made in Arroyo Grande for your wearing pleasure.
- Sketchbooks!
- Magazines!
- GROG Ink direct from Italy in five luscious colors: Black, red, pink, blue and silver.
- Montana Paint, direct from Barcelona in 400ml and 50ml micro cans. PLUS: MTN Solvent, and MTN Spray Adhesive. (It’s pretty slim pickins on paint at the moment, but we’re getting a reorder together soon.)
- CAPS! Fats, thins, astros, 94, extinguishers, and everything in between for all your line-work needs.
- KRINK Mops, K-60 mops, and K-71 markers.
- Junobo Paint- only one bottle left!
- Sakura Markers (my personal favorite) in 8 colors!
- Masterpiece marker! Three inches of refillable calligraphy yumminess.
- Pilot markers in jumbo and standard sizes.
- Sharpie paint pens in 11 colors.
- SOUL TIP pens! Refill ‘em!
- Various art books- many at 1/2 off while they last!
- And as always… four walls full of Jeff Claassen’s painted goodies for your viewing pleasure.

Also, if you’re an internet nerd like we are you can keep tabs on us on the following sites:
- Jeff’s Blog – Artsy things, random musings, inspiration and other tidbits.
- Yelp – Leave a super awesome review of the gallery here. Pretty Please.
- Facebook Fan Page – Hit us on the face!
- Twitter – Jeff doesn’t say anything profound or important. Unless he wants to.
For other places to catch us online visit

That about sums up our crazy month so far. We hope to see you soon!

The Claassen Gallery
785 Marsh St
San Luis Obispo CA 93401

Gallery Hours
Tues. – Sat. 12-6pm
(open till 8pm on Thurs.)

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