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Because You Can’t Just Walk Around Topless

Somehow I forgot to blog about my new shirts…whoops! Here’s the men’s, which is available in medium or large.

Men's Shirt - Faces In The Sky

Men's Shirt - Faces In The Sky

Here’s the women’s, which is available in size small. Sorry, medium and large already sold out.

Women's Shirt - Faces In The Sky

For this edition of shirts I put two colors of ink in the screen (blue and white) and let them bleed together during printing (I added pink as a third color for the women’s which blended into purple when it mixed with the blue). Using this method guarantees you that each shirt in the edition will be slightly different than the next, making each one a unique original. Please keep this in mind when you receive your shirt in the mail. You may not get the exact one in this photo, but you will get one that was printed during the same session with the same colors and placement.

These are going for $24 each.
The men’s can be purchased here.
The women’s can be purchased here.

Thanks for looking!