It’s ok, really.

Sometimes you just have to say “fuck it”. You know what I mean? It’s nice to say from time to time. Go ahead, give it a shot. No one will judge you for saying the “F” word. Say it loud and say it clear. With conviction! See, it offers a bit of relief during times of tension. Naturally, the tension is most likely self-induced. Seriously people, should I really be working myself so hard to customize the layout of this page? Was it necessary to stay up until 3am yesterday trying to teach myself CSS? Is having a three column layout something I need to survive. Is the layout of a website really that important in the grand scheme of things? The simple answer. No. We won’t get into the “not so simple” answer at the present moment. Well, let’s just be honest with ourselves here…we probably won’t ever get to the not so simple answer. I mean, why would we? The important thing is to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with saying “fuck it” when you need to. Anyway…

I’ve put off starting this thing long enough. As with the majority of creative endeavours this is a work in progress. I’ll get my silly three column layout sometime in the future.

Now I would like to share something with you. One of my most favorite videos.

I don’t speak French, but I could listen to Edith Piaf’s voice on repeat for hours.

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