Sometimes I Draw Stuff

Phases. They come and go. Some have more lasting value and some vanish as fast as they appear. About a week ago I went through a little phase that resulted in three new little art pieces. I would make a black and white drawing and then spray paint over it. I tried to keep the drawings simple, meaning not drawing more than one character and not filling the entire page with the usual whimsical lines, stars, arrows, etc that I normally do. I had to leave blank space for the spray paint, which is sometimes a challenge for me. Empty space and myself don’t work well together, at least not without a lot of self-control on my part. Blah, blah, blah…who cares, right? I apologize. I’ll get to the point. Here are the three drawings (mixed media pieces) that I came up with.

brother erotic
“Brother Erotic”
6″ x 7″

where's the roller derby
“Where’s The Roller Derby”
6″ x 7″

Pick Your Fight
“Pick Your Fight”
6″ x 6.25″

Each one is currently available for $20 in the online shop.

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