The Last Ten

It’s almost 6pm, which means I am closing up the gallery for the night. There is a good chance I won’t be back on the computer until tomorrow, which means I have to write my blog in just a few minutes. This crazy goal of writing a blog a day for a week is quite challenging and I’ve been waiting until about 11pm every night before I even start typing. There are just so many things to do during the day that I never make the time to write a “quality” piece. Anyway, for today I decided to list the last ten groups that I’ve listened to through my trusty refurbished ipod.

1. The Good Life
2. Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
3. Voodoo Glow Skulls
4. Mix Somebody Gave Me
5. Bright Eyes
6. The White Stripes
7. Juno Soundtrack
8. The Moldy Peaches
9. Johnny Cash
10. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I’m not sure what that list says about me, but it could be fun to analyze, which is what I might do for my next post.

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