A Book Worth Giving Up Your Left Testicle For

Print Liberation- The Screen Print Primer

I’m having a really hard time figuring out what body part I would have given up twelve years ago to have had this book when I taught myself to screen print. It’s typical to say “arm” or “leg” or “left testicle”, but I think if I really had to pick one I would ultimately have to go with something more major because that’s just how awesome this book is. So, maybe the left hemisphere of my brain?

Print Liberation - sample page 1

This is by far the BEST book I have ever come across on the art of screen printing. Before this the only books I had seen were all printed in the late seventies and were poorly written and the instructional illustrations left many things to be desired. Mostly, resolution, because the images were all big black Rorschach Test looking blots of pixels. The term “piss poor” comes to mind.

Print Liberation - sample page 2

Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer, however, is chock full of high resolution color photos. It also provides the budding screen printer with a brief history of the art as well as a detailed list of tools you’ll need and descriptions for what each tool will do for you. It’s easily the most comprehensive how to screen print book on the market today.

Print Liberation - Learn To Screenprint!!!
Book Specifications:
– 8″ x 10″
– 144 pages
– 350 color illustrations
– paperback

Print Liberation - sample page 3

Print Liberation is now available at The Claassen Gallery. It can be purchased online from our Ebay Store or in our retail location in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA.

Naturally, we HIGHLY recommend this book with The Speedball Screenprint Kit.

Speedball Screen Print Kits!!!

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