Operation: What The Hell…

I’ve got a project. I’m calling it “Operation: What The Hell Did I Get Myself Into”. The project entails making A LOT of these little wooden display boxes. Today I made twenty of them. And here’s what that looks like.

Boxes to display montana spray paint

Before this batch I managed to make twenty four. It’s for a good cause, which is to make my gallery look extra super dope awesome. And pretty too. I’m at the paint, I mean point, in the project where I’m looking back at how things used to be. You know, life before the colorful little cubes. A life where I simply painted one long piece of wood, attached some shelf brackets, and ta-da! That was my spray paint display. Ah, life was so simple then. And digressing is so easy. In fact, writing this blog is my way of digressing from the work that lays before me. Moving right along. That big stack of boxes above sits in preparation for this.

Montana Paint from Spain.  The best spray paint ever.

That’s right, twenty (Go ahead and count them if you don’t believe me. Jerk.) cans of the most delicious smelling brain cell destroying spray paint on the market. Ok, I have nothing to back up that “brain cell destroying” statement. However, I will totally vouch for Montana Paint being the most delicious smelling paint on the market. And you can take that to the bank. When you come back from the bank try wrapping your lips around these beauties.

Boxes to display montana spray paint

That’s thirteen (Feel free to count those too if you’d like. Nonbeliever.) completed boxes. I have seven more to go (Do the math if you think I’m wrong. Sucker.) before my job is done. Oh, and get this. I still have about fifteen MORE boxes to make after all of this. Oh where oh where have the days of easily installing shelves gone? Why oh why must I invent all this work to do? Oh yes, because I love my job. Speaking of which, I better get back to it.

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