Boobie Cupcakes


My friend Sophie brought me some cupcakes today. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to see what these particular cakes resemble. She claims that was not her intention at all. Sure, pal!

It only seemed natural to bust out the good old Krink marker and have some fun. And yes, I sometimes revert to the same humor as a twelve year old boy.

cupcake boobs

And since I’m not a total boob freak I thought I’d draw a dude as well.

cupcake eyes

The best part, of course, was stuffing the boobs…I mean, the cupcakes in my mouth!

cupcake devour


4 Responses to “Boobie Cupcakes“

  1. C says:


  2. JEFF says:

    slutcakes! haha!

  3. David Bond says:

    It's good to know your not a "total boob"… freak

  4. claudia [is mostly here] says:

    1) short hair?
    2) you're such a boy
    3) hope you're having a lovely january