How To Get More Facebook Fans

Ok, if you’re an artist and you don’t have a Facebook Fan Page now is the time to set one up. This post isn’t about how to set up a fan page. You can find all you need to know about that on Facebook. So, once you have your page all set up you need to get the word out and get some fans. Somehow this “Suggest To Friends” link went unnoticed to me for months until a friend of mine pointed it out.

suggest friends to facebook fan pages

When you click that link this window pops up.

suggest friends to facebook fan pages

All of the friends you have in your personal profile will show up in this box. If you look close you’ll notice that some of the profiles are faded, those friends have already become fans or “liked” your page. Click on all the profiles that have not “liked” your page yet. Once they are all highlighted click the “send invitations” link. Obviously, the more friends you have on your personal page the more fans you’ll be able to get on your fan page. If you can get your friends and family to use the “suggest to friends” feature you’re sure to get a lot more people visiting your fan page.

When my friend first showed me this feature I had about 600 “fans”. Luckily, I had a lot of friends to suggest my page to. After I sent the invitations my number of fans jumped up to over 1,200 in a couple of days. About once a month I use the “suggest to friends” feature because I get new friends on my personal profile that might not know about my fan page.

Keep in mind it’s nice to reciprocate. If any of your friends have fan pages be sure to “suggest” their page to all your friends too. No need to be greedy. The more fans we all have the more exposure we’ll all get.

You can see the fan page for my gallery at

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