Dear Hollywood, Remake The Goonies

I would really like to see The Goonies get remade. Here’s the catch, I want to see it done EXACTLY the same way with the same exact actors. You know, now that they’re all older and stuff. Sadly, I’m pretty sure the NFL star that played Sloth has since died, but that’s a simple fix. We get Eric Stoltz to play the role in his Mask makeup.

Eric Stoltz in Mask

Also, pretty sure the old lady died so we can either CGI her in and the actors just pretend she’s there. C’mon, these are professional actors, they can pull that off. I’d love to see a 40 year old brace faced Sean Astin have an asthma attack . Not to mention a 43 year old Josh Brolin in that awesome sweat suit with the shorts over the pants. And last but not least, who doesn’t want to see a 44 year old Kerri Green running around in that gross oversized lettermen’s sweater.


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