Custom Buttons: Terry DeLapp

A few weeks ago artist, Sandra Saenz, came into the gallery. We talked for a bit and she asked me if I make the buttons as she sifted through a bowl of them on my counter. I said that I did and I added that I am now making them for other people as well. She instantly had an idea…a button for her friend Terry DeLapp. And here they are.

custom button order

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the lighting right for the photo. It’s hard to tell, but the graphic is baby blue background with brown font, which I think is a great color combination. As you can see Sandra wanted to mix up the order, which I totally encourage, so there are some 1″ and also 2.25″.

If you’re interested in getting some buttons with your own design let me know by using the contact form.

See ya!
– Jeff

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