Things I Love Thursday: People That Don’t Know How To Park

San Luis Obispo is nice and all, but I would be naive to think that it’s such a progressive town that it’s the only place smart enough to paint white lines on the street to designate the space in which motorists park their cars. In my opinion, it would also be naive to think that a person with enough brains to operate a vehicle would be too dumb to figure out what the lines could possibly mean. In other words, I think if you’ve never encountered these parking space indicators you should be able to figure it out the first time you see them. Ah, but this young lady proved me wrong!

I can only imagine what she was thinking (you know, if she was thinking at all) while parking.
“Hmm…I wonder why all the other cars are parked in between these funny white lines. I’m no comformist so I am going to park right on top of the line. Ha! That’ll show em!”

“I could back up…”

“Or I could pull forward. Oh, what the hell…I’ll just leave my little 7 foot long car in this spot taking up two spaces. Also, I have a total disregard for bicyclists, so I’m going to block the bike lane a little bit.”

“HAHA! Did I mention I’m in college? Look here, I have a parking pass to prove it! Now get outta my way so I can get my Jamba Juice.”

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3 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday: People That Don’t Know How To Park“

  1. Morgan says:

    in this situation which parking meter do you use? that is if you even have the mental capacity to realize that it’s necessary to feed the meter.

  2. Hahha! Lovely!
    Several years ago my husband and I visited LA, we say a guy totally drive into the back of a parked car. He apparently though the car was moving and just plowed right into it. The car ended up practically going over the drivers hood! *_*

  3. Geneva says:

    Aah, so amazing to know that I am not the only person who takes issue with people like this! I also had a moment yesterday where I just stopped and stared and somebody’s complete disregard and lack of respect for clearly marked parking spaces. “I could pull forward….or I could back up….but I think I’d rather park right in the middle so nobody can park within a mile of me, and I get to look like a giant a**hole…”