Bed Rest Creates Unrest

After a little scare this past weekend Coral has been confined to the bed. Her doctor is allowing her only 30 minutes on her feet a day. Needless to say, homegirl is bummed. I, of course, would look at the situation as an opportunity. Do you have any idea how good I could get at Angry Birds or Touchgrind if I had two months of bed rest? I’d be a freaking pro! Or maybe I’d write a novel…about my struggle with bed rest and how, from my deepest despair came my greatest strength. My greatest strength, naturally, being a professional Angry Birds player.

My mom, ever the smartie, found a loophole to this bed rest thing. A wheelchair!

We consulted with the doctor and he gave us the go ahead, but strongly advised her to not wheel herself around. Well, lucky for us, we have two very eager volunteers.

Yesterday was our first day with the wheelchair and Coral was very happy to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather. This morning, however, she thinks she might have overdone it and is committed to staying in bed and taking it easy today.

In other news, I’m having a blast with Easter Angry Birds!


2 Responses to “Bed Rest Creates Unrest“

  1. Nannette says:

    oy! bed rest totes blows! 🙁 i can imagine the kiddies are ramming her little feets when they turn corners in the wheelie? hehe, hope not.

    you two are seriously most adorable!!!

  2. jeff says:


    ha! yes, they are. i think they’re getting the hang of it now though.