Possibly The Most Colorful Painting I’ve Ever Done


I finished this painting on Monday and I can’t remember the last time I worked so many consecutive hours on a single project. I was commissioned to paint this for a little girl’s birthday present. Yes, parents that commission original artwork for their kids are super awesome. Like super duper awesome! I was given free reign to paint what I wanted and execute it in my style with the one exception that I include the amazing Taco, who is the birthday girls’ pet chihuahua, somewhere in the painting.

I’ve done one pet portrait commission in the past, so I was excited for the opportunity to do another one.

Now I must warn you. This is a photo heavy post.

It’s my general rule that I don’t work from sketches and that I am very spontaneous when I make stuff. When it comes to painting chihuahua’s I break that rule. I don’t sketch on the actual canvas, but I do a few doodles to get a general idea of how to make the little creature. As you can see, Taco is very stylish. I thought Unicorn Taco would be sweet, but it didn’t make the cut for the final painting.

I opted for Taco’s head on a seahorse body. And wearing a crown, of course!

I love this picture of Taco. The idea of Super Taco came to mind, so I threw a little cape on him.

Like the unicorn idea, the cape lost out to Taco dressing up in a collared button up.

Here are a couple more detail shots for you to check out.

And one last doodle.

Here is a step by step process of the painting. I started this Thursday night and finished Monday afternoon. It was a very tight deadline and I closed the gallery Friday and Saturday so I could stay home and paint all day. There was no way I could have finished this if I hadn’t done that. It was super awesome though. Staying home and painting all day is a great alternative to working in the gallery.

And the completed Taco painting…

I told you it was a photo heavy post.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of the process of what goes into making a painting. The parts of the process you missed out on that weren’t documented would be the insane amount of water and orange juice I drank while painting, numerous chocolate covered almonds eaten, my bloodshot eyes caused by severe sleep deprivation and lots of walks from easel to sink to wash brushes.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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3 Responses to “Possibly The Most Colorful Painting I’ve Ever Done“

  1. kay says:

    Love the colors – love the doggies! That will be one happy birthday girl.

  2. Jill Marshall says:

    OMG Jeff! How Amazing! The birthday girl was shocked and so excited to receive such a present at 6am, (swedish style). That is so great that you documented the painting like this!!!! I am sorry for the loads of water, OJ and chocolate almond diet over the 4 days, but you have given us such a beautiful, fun and vibrant piece of art, to add to our collection, and enjoy forever! Thank you Jeff!
    The Marshalls
    ps. congrats on your little bub!