Monday In 19 Simple Steps

1. Wake up to the beautiful sounds of kids yelling at each other. “You didn’t wash your hands after you touched your butthole!”
“I didn’t touch my butthole!”
Somehow this ended with one kid in tears and the other kid behaving extra nice in an attempt to make the other one look bad.

2. Take kids to school.

3. Go back home and devour a bowl or two (or three) of cereal and lay around the house for an hour.

4. Take Coral to our biweekly Doctor visit for our soon to be born baby.

5. Get a call from my Mom that she’s in town for the day.

6. Meet Mom at Grandma’s house. Grandma goes by the moniker “Nanny”. I think “grandma” makes her feel old or something so she’s always been Nanny to the kids in the family.

7. Eat frozen burrito’s at Nanny’s and play with her new puppy, Billy.

*confession: this photo was not taken today. It might be the second or third day Nanny had Billy, but I think it’s adorable and this seemed like a good opportunity to toss it on the blog.

8. Drive to the kid’s school to see Evy in the Talent Show. Mom and Nanny came along too. And here’s the proof!

9. Get ice cream at Fosters Freeze with Coral, Mom, and Nanny.

10. Drive back to school to pick up the kids. For some reason the school showed no talent in their schedule making ability. It would have been real nice for the Talent Show to end at 2:30 when school gets out for the day. Perhaps they over anticipated the amount of kids willing to show off their talents in front of the whole school for the big show.

11. Go back to Nanny’s to play with Billy again and get in some more hang out time with my Mama.

12. Go home and eat Otter Pops with the kids and watch Megamind. Every time we watch this we vocalize our wish that the movie be about Metro Man instead of Megamind. Hey, we like heros with awesome super powers. We can’t help it.

13. Finally lit the pilot light on the stove so we could bake our pizza. PIZZA! We haven’t had a stove for close to a year so this was a real milestone for us.

14. Throw the kids in the bath. Literally. I mean, we just pick them up and hurl them in the direction of the tub like a javelin.
*sidenote: I can’t think of the word “javelin” without thinking about Lamar from “Revenge Of The Nerds”.

15. Demand the kids read for 45 minutes before bed. Yes, demand. C’mon, you think they choose to read willingly?

16. Say prayers and tuck kids in. In an effort to stay up past bed time Evy asks me to tell them a story. A funny one. From my life. I obliged and told them a tale I don’t wish to retell again. They thought it was pretty funny.

17. Cleaned up the kitchen a little and took out the garbage.

18. Came to work to type all this out.

19. Hit the “Publish” button.

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