They Weren’t Exactly “F Me” Pumps

I got a call from the school this morning about five minutes after I dropped the kids off. As it turns out Evelyn was wearing inappropriate shoes. In elementary school I think that means open toe sandals.

So, I had to drive back to the school and drop off something more “school appropriate” for our little fashionista .

It’s not like she was wearing these:

Fuck me pumps YIP 135.365
(photo by Cathi Magariello)

…but I guess any type of open toe shoe is a big no no in elementary school.

Also, Amy Winehouse might make fun of you.


One Response to “They Weren’t Exactly “F Me” Pumps“

  1. Coral says:

    Haha! This shoe business would have been a joke at my elementary school… Consequently, it’s hard for me to take it very seriously now. I’m glad they called you and not me.