My Precious Prince: Elliott Dahl Claassen

He came into this world ceremoniously screaming. For reals, this kid could not wait any longer to come out.

Not surprisingly, he decided to exit the womb at 2:06am on the morning of July 6, 2011. I’ve been a night owl my whole life and I’m happy to see that my son is as well.

He calmed down once he was burrito wrapped in a blankie.

Love has been showered over his entire being from the moment we knew he had taken up residence in Coral’s belly. Now that he’s out we get to cuddle him and cuddle and cuddle him. Elliott’s big brother and sister just want to eat him up.

Evelyn, a little more so than James, but what else would you expect from a nine year old little lady.

Coral was stuck in the hospital for three nights because Elliott was pulled out of her belly. You know, as opposed to coming out of that other area. Unfortunately, his first days of life were spent as if he were on house arrest. I mean, check out that ankle monitor!

As it turns out, the hospital takes baby snatching very seriously. If a vicious villain attempted to kidnap our newborn an alarm would sound and thirty-two Oompa Loompa’s would jump out of a broom closet and pelt the perpetrator with frozen Wonka Bars.

As much as I love Elliott it would have been worth a kidnap attempt to witness this.

When we finally had the pleasure of taking Elliott home he had no trouble acting like he owned the place. Much smaller than an Oompa Loompa, he still managed to take over our bed.

Being that he’s so deliciously cute, we don’t mind too much. We weren’t even upset when he peed all over our fancy sheets. It wasn’t long before Elliott needed a bath. As you can see he was incredibly thrilled at bath time.

After bath time, and being wrapped up all cozy like in his terry cloth hoodie towel, he was singing a different tune.

That is probably Coral’s favorite photo of Elliott so far.

We spend most of our mornings staring googly-eyed at Elliott. This is a rare moment in which none of us are still in our jammies.

One day I walked in and saw that Coral had constructed a little nest for the boy.

The proud happy mama photo.

And the cool laid back daddy photo.

And our Precious Prince kicking back and relaxing on a beautiful sunny morning.

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  1. Kay says:

    Precious blog post – precious baby!