Up And At ‘Em Since 3:20am

When they notice my short temper, lack of patience and wandering aimlessly around the house rubbing my temples, the bridge of my nose, or my protruding brow the whole family secretly rolls their eyes and silently whispers, “Oh shit…stay away from him. He’s got a headache again.” Another obvious sign that I’m losing a battle with my achy head is that I might be found in bed sometime before 1am. Yes, I get headaches. And they really drag me down.

My theory is that a frontal lobotomy will cure me of migraines forever, but I haven’t had the nerve to test it out…yet. Of all existing remedies out there the only one that has ever worked for me is Excedrin Migraine.

Coffee isn’t something I indulge in and I haven’t swallowed a single drop of soda in months, so my caffeine intake is pretty slim. Excedrin Migraine is full of it. When regular coffee drinkers give up their caffeinated concoctions one of their complaints is the headaches. Oh, the headaches! Quite naturally, too much caffeine has been found to cause headaches. Somewhere there is a balance lurking around. Because a Starbucks can be found every 30 feet, with a local independent coffee shop to stumble upon in between, I could easily have an intravenous supply of Caramel Latte pumping though my system, but I don’t. So, once that Excedrin caffeine soaks into my bloodsteam I start feeling all weird and get as jittery as a jack rabbit. The feeling weird part isn’t so bad, but that jittery sensation takes all the fun out of it.

Sadly, one of these headaches crept up on me last night and I got my hands on some Excedrin Migraine a little after 9pm. Down the hatch! Unfortunately, I am a bit deprived of sleep, which happens to be self-inflicted. I’d blame the baby, but it would be unfair because I’ve been depriving myself from sleep long before Elliott was around. Last night, however, being sleep deprived was great because I totally passed out after medicating myself with caffeine filled pills. It was also after Evelyn rubbed peppermint oil on my temples. And I’m pretty sure I fell asleep with an ice pack on my forehead, which could have been a numbing agent for my lobotomy had the Excedrin not worked its wonders.

I’m not sure how long caffeine messes with your body, but it seemed to have beaten up my sleep deprivation in the fight to overtake and control my body. At 3:20am I woke wide eyed and bushy tailed (again, like a jack rabbit), headache totally eradicated. Rather than pretend to still be sleepy and lay restless in bed for a couple of hours I chose the only logical option. I got up, put on my uniform (jeans and hoodie), grabbed my camera, and went out for a walk.

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